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BOE Accomplishments

The importance of continuity and experience:

  • Last election cycle brought about a 40% change in Board members and 20% the cycle before that for a total of a 60% turnover in 4 years. We've lost institutional knowledge and important skill sets. It is critical, especially with the top administration changes, to have an experienced Board, to ensure a smooth transition;

  • Steep Learning Curve- with a full term, I now have the knowledge to continue moving the district forward by continuous review of policies & best practices that are the framework of decision making;

  • Strategic Planning- The district will begin to look to the future by evaluating the success of our 2018-2023 plan and engage with district stakeholders and the community to start the groundwork for the 2023-2028 vision.


BOE Accomplishments

  • Develop and complete a $28mm overhaul to all 6 school buildings;

  • Instated a full time, dedicated Facilities Director;

  • Supported internal career pathways for our talented teachers & administrators;

  • Recognized by NJSBA with New Boardmanship Certificate (61 hours of PD);
  • Participated in teacher contract negotiations for VEA;

  • High visibility by attending school sponsored events-responsive to community;

  • Supported policies to ensure that our schools remained open during a Global Health Crisis;

  • Established a best practice of evaluating third party vendors to ensure competitive pricing and best services;

  • Recruited and hired an Interim Superintendent; and

  • Participated in formation of  Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion committee.

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