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About Me

Priscoe for all Verona Students

I am a mother of two boys, 22 and 19,  a wife and friend, who cares deeply about our Verona community. Since moving here 1983, I have worked tirelessly to add value, and to ensure that things happen. I love this town and its people!

I seek to preserve the quality of the school district while also making the improvements that are necessary to ensure that ALL our students feel safe and poised to succeed.

I was elected onto the BOE in 2018 and have learned a great deal of how our school system works. It is a steep learning curve that requires dedication and focus. I aim to continue that during my second term. Board members must be ready to work and contribute from Day 1 and I am ready to take on that challenge once again!

I consider the continuity of my BOE position important. Read more about what I have accomplished as a BOE Member.

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